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Haaa Cha Cha cha cha... Apr. 27th, 2005 @ 10:29 pm
Heeey, wats up humans? ok here goes.
i made my confirmaton, i am not a drone of christ~! and ill be the best drone he ever had. ^^ i left my uncle bobby's hankercheif at the school... never saw it again.
it appears that Matts Relitives and my relitives know each other... which is weird. me and matt are like.. "woahh.." XD
I bought the Nami Tamaki Cd... Finally! :p i like Nami, she rocks me socks. Matt is freakin out for me to make a copy for him, he said he'd buy the album off me for 30$...
...but i wouldent be able to stand parting with it...
i want to write a story, so ive been jotting down random first pages... if you have ideas for me, please say somthing!! i want a story that i can write forever and something that you will actually read... noone ever wats to read my stories. *cries*

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Whats Up Humans? Apr. 20th, 2005 @ 11:13 pm
So, Everybody, hows life?? alright, here goes.

CAN YOU BELEIVE IT?! STAR WARS EPISODE III IS OUT IN JUST 5 WEEKS! *cant waiiit* Obi-Wan = greatest jedi ever. when hes young... of course.
my Allergies are Driving me NUTS! just this year i start getting them, its insane and i hate it with a passion..
Somthing is wrong and it's worrying me, Matt has a secret that making him sad and depressed, but he said he can't tell me. it has to be serious, Matt pretty much tells me everything... we talk and when we get a chance to be alone we REALLY talk. but he says its somthing that he just CANT tell me. naturally im curious, but i am a little worried and i would really like to know. I can be Matt's closest friend and i know we're close, becasue he can open up to me unlike the guys in the class.. they could not possibly understand him.
I have a new Anime Craze called Weiss Kreuz. Yohji is a total hottie... its about a bunch of guys with sad bloody pasts who are florists by day and assassins by night, its odd. but most of the guys are really hawt ^^
today got annoying during Math class becasue Joe Shupe got moved next to me... he loud, implusive, annoying, and an anime/ Japan hater. im trying to take down notes and he starts talking and talking and talking... thank god i got the lesson down, but this kid is just so annoying... He hisses at me when i say hi O.o
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Elemental souls Apr. 3rd, 2005 @ 02:53 pm
look! its my story. its called elemental souls, ill update it or make a name for my story later. ill also get a chapter name.

Chapter 1:

A tall, hooded man stood on the edge of a cliff on a dark night. the wind was blowing harshly, dirt and debris blowing about. The man stared forward and uttered a a short word quietly, "...are you still out there...?"

a young girl, laying nude in her bed, slowly opened her eyes from sleep. the room she was in was dull, the wall and floor were wood. there was one window and a wooden door. "Good morning Jen." she said to herself, sitting up. Jen looked out the window with a warm smile on her face, it was late spring and the sun felt good on her face. she held the blankets to her chest, letting the sun caress her cheeks. she looked around, seeing her kimono hung up on the door. it was a sun pattern, the top yellow melting into orange melting into red. The sash and collar were white. Jen stood up, getting out of her dull white bed, walking over to her kimono. She sighed, "Another lonley day im sure..." she said quietly. Jen had no family, no parents, no pets and not really many friends. she had two... Ben and Tim, but they ignored her alot or wouldent let her do things with them. she slipped on her Kimono, tying the Sash around her waist. Jen walked from her room, into a small kitchen where she grabbed her small staff off the wall and walked out the front door. she decided she wouldent eat breakfast that morning, she wasent hungry.

Matthew walked from a dark room, and into a hall. he had a calm, pretty indifferent look on his face as he walked twords large double doors. he swumg them open... "What do you want frank.." he said sternly. A man in robes, looked over to matt and smirked, "come here, i have a job for you." he said. Matthew quickly walked forward in the dimly lit throne room. Frank smirked at him, standing over a large mirror. he pointed down, "do you see that?" Jen, walking in the forest was on the reflection. "there she is, the last light element... the last of that damned almighty power.. go now, and kill her. she stands in the way of our plans." he hissed. Matt, shook his head, "i dont know.. i dont hurt girls. i have a thing against that." he said. Frank looked over "then ill never give you the power you seek... Go! now!" he beamed. Matt sighed and nodded, dissappearing in a wisp of darkness.

As jen walked through the forest with wild flowers in her hands, she yawned a little, sitting under a tree with a smile on her face. Unnoticed, matt stood in the trees, waiting and watching for the perfect time to make his move. As Jen laied there, only a few minutes passed, matt was getting a little impaitent. she stood up, and scratched her head, grinning in pleasure, "mm, another itch scratched" she said and walked forward. Matt took this as a perfect second to surprise her... He quickly jumped from his tree, 10 feet infront of her, putting his hand on the hilt of his Longsword. Jen gasped and took a step back, "huh??" Matt sprinted at her, Grabbing her shoulder violently, slamming her on her back to the ground. "AGh~!" Jen winced, crying out in pain. he slammed her onto a rocky patch of ground. Matthew placed his knee between her legs, pinning her down with his hand on her left shoulder. he flipped his sword from pointing behind him to pointing infront, putting the tip to Jen's neck. Matt stared down at her for a moment... "Im sorry... i really dont want to do this, but im afraid i have to take your life." he said gently. Jen was sweating and breathing heavily, staring at matt with fear in her eyes, "Please... dont hurt me..!" she pleaded. The sound of the Dismay in her voice seemed to peirce through his chest, making him nearly wince. He didnt want to do it... He wanted to let go of this girl and beg her forgivness for even laying a finger on her. "Please dont make it harder than it really is..." he said quietly, grasping the hilt of his sword tighter, Jen only stared up in Fright. Matt glared a little... "that face.. please dont look at me with those eyes...! I can't stand it, you're only making this harder for me... " he pleaded in his head. He took a forced breath in, sweating a little. "your just a girl... your just delicate, thats it! I dont understand..." he sighed looking up into her eyes, "wh-why cant i kill you...?" he said at a whisper. Jen couldent answer, she didnt know what she could have possibly said... "i dont know." Her trembling of being under him had died down a little. She looked up to him, her eyes almost saying "im sorry." to him. Matthew moved his sword from her Neck and thrusted it into the soil nearly an inch from her head. He stood up and turned his back to her, "Damn it all..." he reached back and ripped the sword from the ground, looking it over a bit. Jen slowly sat up, Rubbing her back gently with her fingers. Matt's eyes squinted a bit and he whisperd to himself, "I have to... but ill do it quickly... painlessly. so she does not have to suffer." He quickly took tight grasp of his sword, quickly swinging the blade behind him, "YAHH!!!" He aimed to take Jen's head off. Just as this was to happen, matt felt his sword rebound off of somthing, he quickly took a few steps back. "What..??" He looked up. There stood the Hooded Man. He had kicked Matt's sword out of the way, "Leave the girl alone... she has yet to ever do a thing to you." he said sternly. Jen looked up to the tall man in a bit of awe, Matt pointed his sword at him "who are you..." He growled in a low tone. Dustin shut his eyes, "I am Mearly a Lost soul." he murmured.

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The Pope is Leaving Us. Apr. 2nd, 2005 @ 11:10 am
Thats right, the pope is dying. im gunna miss him alot, im a catholic and all. he was a cool pope and i hope hes not suffering.
I had to Restart Resident Evil 4 again, i dont mind, im zoomin through the beginning pretty quickly. and Leon is still hot.
I cant think of much more to say, matt Lent me Another Yu Yu Hakusho DVD called Born Anew. Yuseke gets really hot..
Thats all i can think of today.. sorry its so short. peace
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Getting in Touch With Nature Mar. 30th, 2005 @ 05:36 pm
I went on a nature feild trip today. i saw and picked alot of flowers ^^ but i wish i could go on the walk with someone i wub, its a really pretty place. Then he could pick me flowers, *sigh* yea... keep dreamin XD

I was really Pissy this morning and i felt really alone, i figured out that many people dont care about me much. i also noticed how immature the people around me were, i really cant wait to get ot highschool. Just two months left... EIGHT WEEEKKS! XD i just hope i find people more like me at highschool, and hope someone likes me alot more than a friend.

Resident Evil 4 is still frustrating me a little. im almost out of all ammo and wel... i have an army to night the next level. its hard... ive tried it 5 times and died every time.. so i have a new strategy. im going to buy the single shot rocket launcher, maybe two, if my amount of pesestas allow. then ill kill the first wave of guys in the "hall of water." then when the second one pops up, ill lead them into a corner, slash a fe to get them off of me and ashley, then run off, pull out the rocket launcher and blast the guys to little itty bitty bits. lets hope it works, eh? ^^
~Leon Loving Jinu
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Other entries
» Wow, its been a long time, eh?
Hello, people. How are you? Alot of things have happend in my life since the last entry... I ALMOST failed the 8th grade. but not quite. my drawing skills have improved. My love of axel.. has.. well.. died down a bit. I love Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 now. *drools* hes so awesome. Expect my icon to change to him soon. one made by me, of course. I got my heart broken, but i glued it back toghter and there arnt many peices missing. i got RE4 but im terribly frustrated with it right now.

I have a thing for Phantom of The Opera latley, and i dont know why. its odd, if i do say so myself. the phantom has charmed me, as expected. its inspired me to get into theatre arts (drama)in highschool. i love to act, but ive never actually gotten the chance to do so. so im pretty happy about that.

well anyway, my brother is of need for the phone and i cant think of stuff to say at the moment, so peace.

» survey thing
1. What is the geekiest part of your music collection: OH!! my disney song collection. you know, the songs they just start randomly singing to people. MR, ILLLLLLL MAKE A MAAAANNN OUT OF YOUUUUU damn mulan...

2. What do you eat when you raid the fridge/cupboards at night: Prngles. and cola... and fruit rollups.

3. How much money would it take to give up the Internet for one year: 10 million. yes, ten million, and all my special friends phone numbers
4. What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie: I dont really have a movie. you could count worlfs rain when toboae died OhMiGawd i bawled.

5. Do you have a completely irrational fear: hrrm... biggest fear... NEEDLES. i cna stand sewing pins those are fine... but syringe needles and IV (oh man... i dont even wanna remember that time at the hospital i cant believe they thought i had meningitus. spinal taps suck. they had to use the baby iv needles too.. i have tiny veins. -_-)

6. What is a physical habit that gives away your insecure moments: cringing and my hands grasping my shoulders. my eyes might get big too.

7. Do you know anyone famous: karmen wai... if you can count her as famous. shes internet famous!

8. Describe your bed: quilt my great granny made and a red sheet a soft pillow then a hard herbal pillow that makes you have dreams.

9. Do you know how to play poker: depends what kind..

10. What do you carry with you at all times: pencil. almost always a pencil and some kind of small change.

11. What do you miss most about being little: being able to be the little innocent jen or "buttercup" that most people loved.

12. Are you happy with your given name: yea i guess... I PREFER AXEL!!!

13. What color is your bedroom: theres really no color, the walls are unseen... full of drawings and anime pictures and posters

14. Do you consider yourself to be a nice person: the counsiler said that the problem that im so overly nice to people is why i unhappy alot. becasue i give up my own happiness to make others happy. i guess thats considerd nice..
15. Do you spend more time with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends: friends, matt only counts as a friend right now... right.

16. What's one thing you wish you could do but can't: be a couple with Axel or Gackt

17. What is your ideal marriage location: in an old japanese shrine or a huge british cathedral

18. What's one instrument you wish you could play: The Harp. i taught my self to pla ythe piano.. i just need to get my hands on a harp.

19. Something you love and hate: Joanna love ya lots man, but sometimes your worring about stupid things make me hate you for a millisecond.

20. What's one language you want to learn: Im learning it right now, but i wish i could write and speak it fluently Japanese. konnichiwa otomodachi. hajimemmashite!

21. What do you order at a bar: a yoohoo.

22. Have you ever pierced your body parts: ears. but they closed up and im glad. pericings are gay.

23. Do you drive a stick: no, but i want to
24. What's one trait you hate in a person: when they annoy me about telling them my secrets. some secrets id liek to keep to myself thats why i dont talk to foxy about them anymore...

25. What kind of watch do you wear: a plaid one

26. Do you consider yourself materialistic: meh, it really depends on the item.

27. Favorite writing instrument: Pencil

28. Do you prefer to blend in or stand out: stand out, i love Goth clothes but im a nerd...

29. Do you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex: OHHH YES!!! AND MOST OF THE TIME IM TOO SMALL FOR THE EXTRA SMALL MEN SIZED HOT TOPIC PANTS!! XD plus the trenchcoat and the baggy shirts

30. What is one car you will never buy: a Geo metro. wouldent be caught dead in one.

31. If you won the lottery, what would you do: Go to game stop, hot topic, and suncoast but the store out. buy a japanese style home on some land and hire a tailor so i wouldent have to sew crap myself when i needed to.

32. Burial or cremation: burial.

33. If you don't like a person, how do you show it: usually stay quiet... till they extremely piss me off.
34. What kind of first impression do you think you give people: that im crazy messy and very very weird. im actually quite serious and think deeper about things than most people.

35. How many drinks before you're tipsy: dunno. dont drink.

36. Have you ever done any illegal drugs: no, and never will.

37. Do you think you're cute: some guys say i am but i dont think so..

38. Do you have a problem changing clothes in front of your friends: i dont have a problem with it, but i just dont like it
39. What's the most painful experience you've ever had (emotionally and/or physically): emotionally... when i got depressed and cried becasue the teacher siad that i was "stupid enough to repeat what i got in trouble for the week before" when i actually did nothing. physically... the hospital when i had to get a spinal tap casue they thought i had meningitus and i had 4 failed ivs and 4 nasty bruises. hate needles soooo bad....

40. Favorite communication method: Aim.
» My KH2 story
mur. im wrting a story about Axel... and whate horrible things he does to becomes leader. heres wat i got so far if you wonna read it, otherwise skip:

Chap 1: Unimportant
"your the rookie Axel, your low and youngest of the group. you have to get over the fact that you have little power. understood?"
I slammed my fist against the wall of my bedroom, nearly breaking my hand, hearing a loud snap. "why... why am i so low... why does it have to be this way... this..ISNT WHAT I INTENDED TO HAPPEN!!" rage was engulfing me, i had always had a fear of being weak, the lowly one. i wanted to be the leader... but how? maruchia was our head member, giving us orders, thinking up all the plans. he had to be put out of the picture, but who else would i have to get rid of to become head? i had second best leadership skills in the group, though i was the youngest. i could have lead them very well, if i had ever gotten the chance, that is. i grasped hold of my hand, in seering, burning pain. i slipped my glove off to see the damage my rage have inflicted on me. my knuckles were red and beginning to swell. my face twisted in pain as i attempted to move my fingers, "ah... damnit all..." i sat in the corner of my room, holding my swollen hand, feeling hopeless and alone. would i ever get to the top...?


that night, I sat in bed, sweating a bit. i was only dressed in my pants and i was contemplating somthing. but my mind kept flashing and i didnt know what to do. i stared forward, was my brain trying to tell me somthing?
for the past week i had been having these weird feelings tword larxine, but i didnt know what to make of them. i had never felt such a sensation before so i had just ignored it like it was nothing. but it only happend when i thought of her or was around her. i thought she was just a friend but what were these feelings, not knowing made me want to weep somtimes, but i didnt. i dont cry.
all of a sudden i gasped loudly. i had stopped breathing and not noticed the pain in my chest. that had been happening alot latley and i was curios why. most people dont just stop breathing and not notice it. i put my hand to my chest and frowned a bit, i looked out my window noticing the bluish glow all over. "its going to start snowing soon... best not leave the house." i was the only one in the castle who was forbidden to leave during snow or rain. if i were to get too cold, i could eventually die and i get cold very easy. i looked at my hand, it was purple and hurt even more than before. i couldent move my fingers now, it just hurt way to much to do so. i gently took my hand and pressed it gingerly against my chest, not wanting to induce any further stinging pain that it was in now. i laid back and i could feel my hair moving out into all sorts of diffrent directions. my hair was naturally spiked backwards, from all the years being around fire the heat tends to shape your hair. the black dashes had been under my eyes since birth, but i do not remember this family crest becasue of my separation from my parents when i was young. i know that they were branded into my skin and will never go away. i ran my fingers over my face, "my crest... i wish i knew... why dont i? i was old enough to remember... but what happend?" i brought my hand back down to the crippled one, stroking the fingers a bit. Then i sighed and i brought my attention to the window once again. It was now snowing, "damn... is the rose garden in the court yard going to freeze?" i asked myself, a little bit concerned. i had always liked that garden. "maybe i should be a little wanton and go out to see..." i lifted my covers and brought myself from the bed and stood up, bringing my incapacitated hand down to my side. The the number of roses in that garden were very myriad, and when they needed to survive somthing they were very willful at doing it. Lexius, the huge guy who i bet is on steroids, instigated that i was a whimp for even being in the courtyard. he said that roses were for little girls, not grown men. i always wanted to kick that guy's ass... of course i dont think i could sustain such a beat down if he ever got his hands on me. its like im a nonentity in this place and im not very happy about it... he could probably kill me and noone would care." i was walking down the hall, passing everyones rooms, and walking quietly so nto to wake anyone. i didnt weigh 5000 pounds liek lexius did so it wasent that hard. i wasent much taller then everyone else except larxine, and i weighed very little. it didnt take alot of mucle to weild my weapons and i was quick. those were my best weapons, fire and speed. i got to the glass door of the court yard and stopped before i opend it. i wasent wearing my coat. very dumbassed of me. i ran back to my room, grabbing my coat, zipping it up and ran back to the glass door. but i had to be quiet this time, i was wearing shoes. i opend the door and thank god it wasent too snowy. i gently closed the door and walked outside, it was FREEZING. i hated cold, nomatter what. there was no need for it becasue i never got hot. i put my hood on and shiverd a bit, walking out to the roses, and looked around. i decided to put up a small fire spell around the buds to keep them slightly warm and hope in the morning they were still alive and well. i waved my finger around, in circular movements, and orange glowing trails formed where ever i wished and then small flames began to burn from it. i set it so that it would stop when i pleased it to stop. then ran back into the house, cold as hell.

murrrr.. its not that great. (sorry bout any typos if there were any) nick your stiry is scary! whats going on? nawww, its good. i like it. i never seem to read the prolauges (spelling...) tho. im being axel for halloween! yay! cant wait for that. spiking my hair just right is gunna be a challenge.

~Axelful Jinu
heddo. today i walked to the school counciler, she seemd interested in my drawings but said that they may potray my feelings. hrrm. and i dont kno what i want in life... gotta think about that.
ive hit a mile stone in my drawing skills. using a manniquin yo make the head and body, before drawing on the clothing. works so much better and the drawings dont looks so... flat.
my grades suck ass, its starting to scare me... oh well. got 6 poems to write for lituature. bai!
» "Love Struck Axel"
Yo peoples! Like my icon? I love it. how did i get that idea? mesothink he looks love struck in that pic, so well... so came fourth "Love Struck Axel"
My Axel Coat is becoming Quite The Task. theres alot of things still to do. but its turning out wonderful!
Im really cold... Brr... i cant feel my feet. joanna your big baggy punk pants work wonders. i can feel my legs. **huggles on nick, dom, and joanna** luvya guys.
wow, dom is goinf to collage, wonder! he is quite the intelligent one tho. **keeps thinking of ways to get him to like kingdom hearts**
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